World Jenny’s Day 2024

Monthly Workshops Providing

Artistic Skills To Deal With Challenge 

February 16th and 17th 2024 – BECOMING INTUITIVE – Fixing Confusion through using Your Wisdom rather than Relying on Something or Someone Outside Yourself To Do It For You.

March 14th and 15th 2024 – HEALING THROUGH ART AND SONG – Join Jenetta and Colours of the Voice’s Madalene Chan to connect to your Inner Joy through Song


10 October 2024

World Performance Marathon 

With Artistic Performances from Around the World

Thursday 10 October 2024 will see World Jenny’s Day’s Global Marathon live-streaming around the world, through to Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube.

WJD Global 24 hour marathon

World Jenny’s Day produces meaningful and uplifting events around depression and suicide throughout the year and 10 October, is the closing ceremony in celebration of all that has been created during the course of the year.

We will be celebrating  by live-streaming  with comedians, singers, actors, bands, dancers, artists, etc.


During the course of this Marathon we will be celebrating mental health wellness through live high-profile guest performances from all over the world – From New Zealand to Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, Wales, UK, Kenya, Malta, Germany, USA, through to Canada, South Africa and West Africa, for example.

At the top of each hour we will be moving from time zone to time zone, hour by hour starting at 10am on the 10/10 in each zone, as we move across the world.



WJD Artists performing at gala evening

Highlights from 2023’s Marathon

World Jennys Day Stage Performance evening
World Jennys Day Stage Performance
World Jennys Day Artists Stage Performance